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PostSubject: [AwK] News   [AwK] News I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 30, 2009 11:56 am

hi , yo !

Ya du changement les potos Smile There's some new shit's Very Happy

Les différents Niveaux possibles . All levels possible

1. Invité 1.guest
2. Membres forum 2 .Forum members
3. [Awk] Membres 3. [AwK] Members
4. Moderateurs 4. Moderators
5. Admin

Pour le moment les membres [AwK] sont
Actually [AwK] Members are

[AwK] DsBart
[AwK] Kobang!
[AwK] Speed_Vtec
[AwK] Nyr
[AwK] Steph
[AwK] Alextrem

Irmin And Jubu Have the [AwK]Members rights,
And they can put the tag when they want and join us Smile
They are our Star Members For the track and the server they give to the team.

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[AwK] News
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